The Cambrian Endowment

"Promoting an ecosystem of potential" 

About the Cambrian Endowment

The Cambrian Endowment was established in 2021 by alumni of the North Hollywood High Biological Studies Zoo Magnet. The objective is to support promising graduating Zoo Magnet seniors pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) disciplines. The inspiration for the name comes from a pivotal epoch of geologic time.

Throughout the history of life on Earth, the Cambrian period stands as one of the most intense bursts of evolution and was responsible for much of the biodiversity we see today. Every year students graduate, similar potential bursts occur as they evolve and diversify into many disciplines that enrich and advance society and care for the environment. In that spirit, The values we seek to foster include:

Students give their time and effort in supporting their families, community, peers, environmental efforts, social justice, or any activity that supports the well-being of society or the natural environment.

Students are resilient in facing challenges, disciplined in their pursuit of learning, and kind in their conduct with others.

Students are eager to explore their passions, and develop themselves through skill-building, internships, volunteering, and other activities that allow them to explore different career paths.

Despite challenges and difficulties in their academic or personal lives, students continue to believe in themselves and in their potential to succeed. They consistently try their best and put their best foot forward every day.



Passion and Curiousity